Terms and Conditions

Limited Warranty
Victorian Furniture US, LLC. guarantees all the furniture shown in this catalog and on our web site, www. victorianfurniture.us, against defects in workmanship for one year from date of receipt. This does not include use in commercial applications or items that have been abused by the consumer. Any warranty claims must be made in writing with pictures of any defect. The manufacturer warrants the internal carbonized steel frame of the furniture for a period of ten years. A copy the manufacturer’s limited warranty will be sent upon request.

Return Policy
All items are custom made for you according to your order. No item may be returned unless the item is defective, damaged, or an error on our behalf. We will not refund money on an item for any of the above reasons. We will repair or replace the item. Items may be returned for inspection, repair or replacement at our option. Damaged items may be returned only upon approval of the shipping company (carrier). Defective items may be returned upon approval of Victorian Furniture US, LLC. We will issue a return merchandise number (RMN) for a defective item.

Shipping & Inspection Procedures
When your order is ready we will contact you for your permission to arrange shipment. Once your order is shipped we will contact you with the shipping company’s (carrier) phone number and shipment information. This will allow you to contact the carrier directly. The carrier will also contact you and setup a day for delivery. It is most important that you inspect all merchandise for damages and loss. Responsibility of the safe delivery of the merchandise is assumed by the carrier upon acceptance of the shipment.

Claims for loss or damage sustained in transit must be presented to the carrier as follows:

Loss or Damage
First, let us define loss. Loss means simply an item is missing from a shipment. Damage is defined as an item that has had breakage. Minor nicks or scratches that may have occurred in the normal handling of furniture are the responsibility of the delivery personnel and their company. Any scratches, nicks, damages, or loss must be noted on the freight bill and must be signed by the carrier’s agent (the driver) as this is their liability. Failure to adequately describe any exception to the shipment may result in the carrier refusing to honor any claim. Victorian Furniture US must also be contacted within 3 business days of delivery concerning any needed touch-up, damages or loss by the carrier. Delay in contacting us will result in our refusal to assist in any claims by the customer. After following the above procedures we will assist in your filing a claim with the carrier, if necessary. Damaged items may only be returned with prior approval from the carrier and Victorian Furniture US.

Do not refuse a shipment, in whole or part, because of damage. Follow procedures as outlined above. Do not destroy or dispose of any of the packaging materials until we tell you to do so. Failure to do so can result in a claim not being honored.

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